Tuesday, 20 January 2015

mokie: A package of meat wishes you happy holidays (holiday of the day)
Perfect timing for this, the second day of Gothivale! Because of course penguins are goth.

#1. They're monochrome...

#2. ...with the occasional bit of outlandish and colorful head plumage.

#3. They live in the only place on Earth colder than the human soul...

#4. ...and which is as far from the hell that is society as a portly little sea bird can get.

#5. As flightless aquatic birds, zoos frequently try to make them bird-up with the other avians or else get aquatic with the fish already. No acceptance of their unique subculture.

#6. Speaking of birds, you think they don't see how the bastards look at them? Fuck them and their functional wings. Conformists.

#7. Have you seen them dance? They wobble. GOTH.

To make sure I am thoroughly aware of penguins, I will be watching Batman Returns, which combines Tim Burton, the Penguin, a latex cat-suit, and lots of penguins with candy-striped rockets strapped to their backs. I am aware as fuck of armed penguins.

About dream/reading tags

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