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I only remember brief visuals from last night's dreams, no truly coherent narratives. But, for sick dreams (which are usually bland repetitive deals featuring lots of wandering or figuring up of sums and puzzles), they were wonderfully pretty.

My nephew was curled up in a school restroom (with odd frosted glass doors), upset because his group's Science Fair project didn't work right and his were the only wings that unfurled--big iridescent butterfly wings attached to a pack on his back. As I reassured him that it wasn't the end of the world, there was a bright 'pop!' and wings suddenly exploded from the pack strapped to one of his teammates. Alas, it was too late--the judging was over.

The young student approached the principal, who happened to be Morgan Freeman, and whispered something that would have been very inspiring in a film, something about the importance of the imagination. He took the scorecard on which the students had been rather viciously judged, and scored it by his own standards instead. It would have been a nice warm movie moment had I not wandered off by this point. Dream ADD!

Later, I was a student attending school in the local zoo. Mostly I dreamt of being on the bus, shuttling around town and between awkward fellow riders, and mentally mapping out a minor uproar as relatively wealthy local parents were considering sending their kids to a school just up the hill for the tax break, and how that would or would not alter their commute. Also, I believe I attended class with lorikeets at some point.

Must remember to take medicine a little earlier in the evening, I think.

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