mokie: A package of meat wishes you happy holidays (holiday of the day)
The first Friday of February is Working Naked Day, which is idiotic, because it's February. Here in the northern hemisphere, it's just too damn nipply for that.

Some people celebrate February 6th as Lame Duck Day, dedicated to politicians who are just coasting till the end of their term, but that's just too cynical for me today.

So I'm celebrating a birthday - one that's made quite a few people happy over the last few years.

About dream/reading tags

y-* tags categorize dreams.

For types: beyond the obvious, there are dreamlets (very short dreams), stubs (fragment/outline of a partially-lost dream), gnatter (residual impression of a lost dream).

For characters: there are roles (characters fitting an archetype), symbols (characters as symbols), and sigils (recurring figures with a significance bigger than a single dream's role/symbolism).

x-* tags categorize books.

Material is categorized primarily by structure, style and setting. If searching for a particular genre, look for the defining features of that genre, e.g. x-form:nonfic:bio, x-style:horror, x-setting:dystopian.