Friday, 9 October 2015

mokie: The Dark Knight's Joker inserted into a scene from Beetlejuice (confused)
Yesterday morning, at exactly 8:27 a.m., I woke from a vivid dream. I knew I couldn't stay awake, and that I would forget the dream as soon as I fell asleep again, so I grabbed my phone and sent myself a quick email to remind the later awake me to ponder this dream and record it properly.

Unfortunately, though I know "AHS" means American Horror Story, I have no idea what "AHS but with dairy farmers" means.

About dream/reading tags

y-* tags categorize dreams.

For types: beyond the obvious, there are dreamlets (very short dreams), stubs (fragment/outline of a partially-lost dream), gnatter (residual impression of a lost dream).

For characters: there are roles (characters fitting an archetype), symbols (characters as symbols), and sigils (recurring figures with a significance bigger than a single dream's role/symbolism).

x-* tags categorize books.

Material is categorized primarily by structure, style and setting. If searching for a particular genre, look for the defining features of that genre, e.g. x-form:nonfic:bio, x-style:horror, x-setting:dystopian.