Thursday, 26 February 2015

mokie: A package of meat wishes you happy holidays (holiday internet)

Once upon a time, life was good and shiny in mokievania. But then my personal schedule and my work schedule were both turned upside down and inside out, which interrupted my already chaotic sleeping schedule, which throws me all off my game. My wee little cottage went from a quiet haven of quietness to a hive of people and animals and activity, interrupting my most solemn duties and also my meditations and preparations for tackling those most solemn duties. And also, maybe there were dragons.

And I was at my wits' end - unable to catch a breath between chores and people and animals and things, unable to right my upended life and get it back into the groove. I had begun to despair, mostly because sleep deprivation forced on me by outside events trips me right into a pit of depression.

In the Halls of the Almighty Idiots, a brief peal of reason: companies should not be free to act as highwaymen extorting money from travelers upon the Information Superhighway! We did not mark the occasion, for lo, they are Almighty Idiots in the pay of these same companies, but someone, something, heard the cry, and the beast awakened from its slumbr...

"guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out"*

And thus began the greatest war the Internet has ever seen. Maybe. You know, if your only experience of the Internet is post-2008 social media sites. The greatest war it has seen this year so far, at least.

Summoned from its caverns full of animated gifs and disturbing crackfics, Tumblr threw out the first volley, then got distracted by Benedryl Crumblysnatch and spoilers while Buzzfeed took up its banner and Twitter raged, until finally only Facebook and morning news anchors were left on the battlefield, awkwardly poking each other over the bodies of the fallen and asking if someone could fill them in. Scarcely had brunch cooled when the carrion crows gathered to hastily type up their thinkpieces about what The Dress says about viral marketing and how your company needs to be The Dress.

BUT O, IT WAS GLORIOUS. And there were llamas, but that was unrelated UNTIL IT WAS RELATED, and not even the grumps and cynics and mercenary corporate attempts to cannibalize capitalize on it could ruin it, because I had been inching towards that cliff where it's either mad hysterical sobbing or mad hysterical laughter, and this was the giggle that started the avalanche.

Oh, yeah - today's also Tell a Fairy Tale Day. But there's truth in fairy tales, so.

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