Monday, 9 February 2015

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I'm pretty sure a goodie two-shoes started this.

The Internet has little to say about the holiday except that it's about replacing bad habits with good habits. I'm sure wherever it is, the original write-up on this holiday includes the words 'swear jar' and 'kale chips'. It's probably on Pinterest, next to tips on how to organize wrapping paper.

Except good habits aren't 'vices', no matter how firmly you embed your tongue in your cheek.

This is some bullshit.

So, I read up on hexes, laughed at someone who deserved it, and read some smut. The latter isn't really an alternative vice, but it's one I like, so.
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Three months ago, the world found out that Charles Manson, the former cult leader convicted of masterminding a series of killings in an attempt to launch a race war, was getting married.

Across the land rang the cry, "Oh, come on!" Twitter was atweet with exactly three jokes ("Even serial killers have a better love life than me!" / "At least I'm not marrying Manson, Mom!" / "Women would rather marry Charles Manson than date a fedora!") in 50,000,000 slightly different wordings. The clickbait peddlers online news sites confirmed that her parents were exactly as appalled as one would hope they would be.

But lo, it was not meant to be: she only wanted him for his body.

According to reports, the 26-year-old fiancée and 64-year-old fellow Manson follower who goes by 'Gray Wolf' planned the marriage as a way to gain custody of Manson's body when he dies, so they could display him under glass in a "California version of Lenin’s Tomb [to] draw huge crowds and make big money."

How do you make me feel bad for Charles Manson?

So the wedding is off - and right before Valentine's Day.

The official statement on Manson's website, run by the fiancée (so grain of salt), is that it was simply 'logistics', presumably because he's been hospitalized and the license will expire before he's recovered. But according to that aforelinked article, one of Manson's biographers reckons he never intended to get married at all, and was stringing the pair along for shits and giggles (and assorted toiletries).

If so, good for him.

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