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If you could invite four people - living or dead - to a dinner party, who would they be?

I try not to invite dead people to parties. Apart from the legal issues, there's that whole smell and hygiene thing.
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If you were going to make a signature drink that was named after you, what would you put in it?

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Ah yes, the Mokito!

Rum and coke and lime and coke and more rum, and then sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

Why are we asking this on St. Patrick's day, LJ?
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If this is a question about political differences, why are you giving it tags like fan, teams and sports? LJ, can't you ever ask a question without making me go "Huh?"

I've never ended a friendship over political differences (though some have ended friendships with me over them), and I thank my family for that. Some of my relatives are very conservative, and some are very liberal; some are very religious, and some are anti-religious. Because they're family, I saw them first as whole, multifaceted people rather than walking Arguing Points. I also learned how to Not Talk About Politics.

I know, in this day and age, we think everyone really, really needs to know our opinions on things, but it ain't true, Internet!

That said, yes, I do have two issues that are rapidly becoming Get It Or Get Out issues for me. LJ-cut to spare the sensitive! You've been warned! )

Yeah, we will not agree to disagree there, unless by 'disagree', you mean 'submit to my foot going up your ass.'
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As of the time I post, this question has 113 answers.
scares me.
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At a previous job, I heard that the only reason I got a promotion was because I was fucking the boss.

Hell yes I repeated it! To management, that is...
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For a second, I thought this question was about setting politicians on fire...
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Library, diner or pub, it makes no difference--it's not my money. I would hand an employee my phone number and tell them that I had found some money, and that if anyone came in to claim it in the next two weeks, I'd happily return it. When that call came, you'd better believe I would ask how much they'd lost and in what denominations. I'm honest, but I'm also wary, because people are bastards when it comes to money.

I wouldn't hand the money itself over, because I have seen clerks at some stores accept found money and then pocket it, and I've seen management slip it in the till. I also wouldn't ask if anyone had lost money, because I've seen multiple folks call out "Yes!" and watched people try to guess how much had been found, like it was the goddamn lottery. Like I said, bastards.

That said, this isn't a hypothetical question for me. I found $150 on the floor of a video shop once. I did hand it to the clerk in that case, because she was a friend of the family and I trusted her. Two weeks later, no one had made any inquiries and lo, it was mine. Yay!

And in that vein, I would happily pocket any money found outside, because I have no way of knowing where a person was coming from or headed to when they dropped it, or even if they dropped it at that spot or if it was blown/tracked there. We used to live beside a vacant lot that was a common neighborhood short-cut, and we found dropped money there all the time--usually $1 or $5 bills, but once in a blue moon there would be a $20. Schweet!

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