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A new person added me, and my anxiety immediately pinged. But what if it's...?

The former on-again, off-again friend? The one who bragged about studying psychology to learn to manipulate people? Who I stopped sharing personal information with because I realized it was always going to be used against me, no matter how innocuous I thought a tidbit might be? Who warped my perception of myself because they needed someone to be better than? The toxic asshole with no respect for boundaries, but a real knack for popping up just when I got too comfortable and used to them being out of my life?


I mean, sure, they used to be that petty, but I don't update here like I used to, and we were both much younger then, and they've got a family now, so surely there are better things to do, right?

Which didn't stop the bored Midwestern housewives they used to make fun of, with nothing better to do than stalk grudges, lurk and stoke drama.

Damn you, anxiety.

But the new person has pics, so take that, paranoia if we let anxiety man the gates, it ends up running the whole show, and that way lies abandoned social media accounts.* Anxiety's response was to drop a nightmare about the former friend on me, which maybe gives an idea of just how bad this friendship was for me.

But it won't win, because fuck off, anxiety! Hello, new person!

And if that former friend is indeed reading: how fucking sad is that?

* I haven't abandoned you, I swear. I have a tiny mountain of half-finished posts on the desktop. My attention span and work schedule does not lend itself to long-form blogging these days, that's all.
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