mokie: Person in a field of golden grain (holiday summer)

In June:
- I, uh...did June things. The kind of things one does in June. Yes.

In July:
- I hung out at the pool with friends, family, and assorted dogs.
- I mourned the impending loss of Hannibal. Sure, there's always the chance that it gets picked up by another network, but look at the results when Community and Arrested Development got their second chance. Maybe it's better to let it go out in a blaze of Red Dragon glory. Maybe it's better to hope for a triumphant film finale, à la Firefly and Serendipity. Maybe I'll finally be able to watch a movie with Hugh Dancy in it without irrationally NOPEing out because he's not Will Grahaming right. Who knows?
- I taunted my sister with lots of Orphan Black memes, because she hasn't watched the show and it's kind of extra funny that way.
- I found time to poke fun at my English friends because their roads were melting at 98°F – the same temperature it takes to melt an M&M!
- I invited said friends to mock me when I whined about reaching a consistent internal temperature of 160°F with a golden brown crust here.
- I finally synchronized my period with Shark Week.
- I took a buttload of pictures, mostly of the moon and assorted dogs and whatnot.
- I vowed to forever angst over not being able to take pictures of Pluto because it is so damn photogenic. (Also, still a planet, because ohana means family.)

In August:
- I got social with family and updated on what's going on in the extended clan. I'm getting a new first cousin twice removed!
- I attended a friend's birthday party. Old friends were hugged, new friends were made, deep thoughts were thunked, alcohol was consumed, a late night fry stop ended in drunken whinging (because tradition!), and so on.
- I promised to attend a friend's art show, because she is gloriously talented and her work wakes up the hey, I want to make things too! voice in my head and I want to stand in front of her assembled work and go Oooooooooooooooooooooh.
- I got the chinchilla that lives in my house to sit in my hands and socialize with me, and got kisses, which is pretty sweet.
- I made more plans to do more pool-side lounging with more people, because summer!
- I bought an instant popsicle thingie, because summer! I know you're tempted to label me gauche or bourgeois because that's a purchase, not an accomplishment, but I disagree: I have liberated myself from the tyranny of the freezing point with time-travelling icy pops. That is a goddamn miracle of science, and I am honored to be part of it.

So far, so good.

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