Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Rainbows and assholes

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:45 am
mokie: A belly with paper strips saying, "Stop hating your body" (politics sexual)
Obamacare ruling. Marriage equality. Confederate flag finally being stigmatized as a symbol of slavery. The General Lee being traded in for a new, flag-free model (or, in memeland, a model with a rainbow flag). The maybe-not-cancellation of Hannibal. It's been a hell of a week.*

At times like this, I kind of regret taking the piss out of my ex-brother-in-law with the "But what about states' rights?" line. As satisfying as it was to go full INTP (i.e. talk it to death from every angle!) and to jerk the rug out from under his smug, controlling, better-than-everyone ass by heckling his soapboxing instead of falling in line and patting his back for being so goshdarn smart and awesome, now he gets to make a big show about having a redneck ex-sister-in-law who argued states' rights.**

Ah well, maybe it'll make him more popular with the hep kids. And Bob knows it's not the most stupid thing I've ever said or done, anyway.

Speaking of which...

Seen this weekend: people unironically cheering for the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality - achieved after years not just of same-sex marriage bans but of anti-sodomy laws that criminalized homosexuality itself - while also insisting that Bree Newsome broke the law and deserves to have the book thrown at her.

Bonus "Are you fucking serious?" points to those who, upon hearing that six black churches across five Southern states have burned down and the authorities suspect arson, insist that there's no reason to believe it has anything to do with race, because it's not like there's a history of that, and gawd, you know what I mean, that was back in the '60s, it's not like there's a more recent history of that kind of thing.

You point out that it's a simple matter of connecting the dots, and they try to turn it into verbal origami.

Refreshing discovery of the weekend: I've shaken loose both the folks who think me being able to marry whomever I choose somehow magically devalues their relationships, and the folks who don't see anything wrong with police being able to take alive armed white mass murderers but not unarmed black shoppers/pre-teens/drivers/jaywalkers/etc.! It turns out there's a difference between cultivating friendships with people who have different opinions and keeping assholes in your life.

Who knew, right?

* This isn't the Big Serious Post that any of these things warrant (Hannibal, noooooooooo), but I'm a bit out of words, so this is what it is.

** To clarify: I know it was not about states' rights. I knew it then. But I also knew it would irritate Mr. "Anything to get a reaction", so.

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