Tuesday, 10 February 2015

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There are several invented holidays that pop up at various times in February, because there's no set date for being disgruntled.

For instance, Singles Awareness Day might be celebrated on February 14th by folks who need to strike back against the lovey-dovey bull, or on February 13th by folks who don't want to share their holiday with lovey-dovey bull, or on February 15th by folks throwing a bone to folks who put up with their lovey-dovey bull.

World Marriage Day is one of these holidays. Oh, sure, the folks who invented it technically have rules on when it should be celebrated, but the Internet can't be bothered with that kind of thing. Some other website listed it as February 10th (or 8th, or whatever), and that's good enough for us!

I had to go and look it up, didn't I?

World Marriage Day was intended to be observed on the second Sunday of February or the Sunday nearest to Valentine's Day, because it was invented by a Catholic marriage retreat. It "honors husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of society."

Very specific on a man and a woman in a nuclear unit there. Guess other folks and family units can go suck eggs along with the single folks.

But no, no, wait, it's fine. Fine. Have your World Marriage Day. Go on. Find a babysitter for your 2.5 children and enjoy your "Thank God I don't have to try so hard now" married people version of Valentine's Day. You have my blessing.

I will just be over here celebrating the 95th anniversary of Poland's wedding to the sea with cupcakes; the 481st anniversary of the Church in England (not yet of England) recognizing Henry VIII as its supreme head because he wanted to divorce the bride that had been forced upon him by politics1 and marry someone he was interested in instead2, but the Pope refused because that would have violated the sanctity of marriage been political suicide; and Betty Bowers (America's best Christian) explaining traditional marriage.

Because the theme of this blog this year is finding things that I can celebrate every day, and why would I celebrate such a limited definition of marriage and family? Pfffft.

1 Who also happened to be his brother's widow. History is ambivalent on the question of how much this actually squicked Henry.

2 Briefly, at least.

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