Wednesday, 4 February 2015

mokie: Vibrant red Japanese maple leaves (holiday death)
Radium became the first radioactive element synthesized in a US lab on this day in 1936.

Four short years later, George Romero was born, the man who would go on to give us Night of the Living Dead.

And finally, in 2004, Facebook was launched.


About dream/reading tags

y-* tags categorize dreams.

For types: beyond the obvious, there are dreamlets (very short dreams), stubs (fragment/outline of a partially-lost dream), gnatter (residual impression of a lost dream).

For characters: there are roles (characters fitting an archetype), symbols (characters as symbols), and sigils (recurring figures with a significance bigger than a single dream's role/symbolism).

x-* tags categorize books.

Material is categorized primarily by structure, style and setting. If searching for a particular genre, look for the defining features of that genre, e.g. x-form:nonfic:bio, x-style:horror, x-setting:dystopian.