Saturday, 31 January 2015

mokie: A squirrel giving another squirrel a massage (stressed)
Today is Eat Brussels Sprouts Day. I have Brussels sprouts. I will be eating them today. That is not something to celebrate.

It's also Child Labor Day, which sounds like the day all the chimney sweeps get to take off and go to the park, an image which is almost as wrong, in every sense of the word, as child labor itself.

It's also Mokie Finish That Work Day, but that's a terrible holiday, full of stress and tension headaches.

So I'm celebrating Inspire Your Heart with the Arts Day, because laying down on the floor with paper and crayons sounds like a fantastic idea right now.

By the way...

Saturday, 31 January 2015 07:19 am
mokie: A stack of old letters, tied with twine (dear letter)
I am/will still be posting things other than holidays, by the by. The holiday posts are part of a resolution to celebrate something every day, and to keep work, stress and depression from derailing posting or pushing me off the grid.

Also, it's just fun.

About dream/reading tags

y-* tags categorize dreams.

For types: beyond the obvious, there are dreamlets (very short dreams), stubs (fragment/outline of a partially-lost dream), gnatter (residual impression of a lost dream).

For characters: there are roles (characters fitting an archetype), symbols (characters as symbols), and sigils (recurring figures with a significance bigger than a single dream's role/symbolism).

x-* tags categorize books.

Material is categorized primarily by structure, style and setting. If searching for a particular genre, look for the defining features of that genre, e.g. x-form:nonfic:bio, x-style:horror, x-setting:dystopian.